Hezekiah Season (RT) – 4/7/17

Tri-County Prophetic Roundtable – Tulare, CA

I see a rock wall crumbling and I see light breaking through the cracks.  And I see people standing around amazed and saying – I didn’t know it was possible.  I didn’t know there was light on the other side.

And I see people running frantically to grab pieces of the wall and to stick them back into the open places.  But the light shining from the other side is blinding and bright and it makes it impossible.

We are in a season of truth coming forth in power – of the Word of God being rediscovered and faith being reignited.

The stew has been in the pot simmering – but the lid is coming off and it’s coming to a full boil.  And the steam and the aroma is filling the house.

God is giving us the green light, the determination and the courage to kick the doors down that we knew were before us but we weren’t sure if it was acceptable or even the right timing.

He’s raising up leaders who will not fit in the current mold of the pc church.


And I hear “easy chair”.  We’ve made the seats in the church a place we go to hear something nice.

God is getting ready to stir some things up.  Some who wanted an easy ride will be offended and leave.  And some who stayed away because they felt the church had sold out will return because they were waiting for the power to return.

A grand exchange will take place as He begins to set things once again in His divine order.

I see five fold leaders from different churches and ministries begin to form networks so that the five fold will come together to work as a team once again.  Two or three ministers will unite and the leaders will have influence in the other’s ministries so that all the functions of the equippers and trainers will be accessible to those in need.

And I hear TURNING THE TIDE.  And I hear – get ready for the shift.  And I can feel the momentum and the pull of gravity like what you feel when you are on a ride at the fair – like Twister or Roundup.  And when it moves, your neck is pulled as you try to stay with the flow of the ride.  And this is what it will be like as He draws us into divine alignment.

If you are stiff-necked and stubborn, it’s going to be painful.  So don’t resist His leading.

He is even now positioning people in our lives who will help us to pivot into place.  It’s through intimacy with Him and relationship with the Body that a smooth transition will be accomplished.

And I see waves crashing and I hear – “moves colliding”.  But I hear Him say – it’s all good.

We are living in exciting times and we are in an exciting season of change.

Like King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 18 – who was the son of wicked king Ahaz.  When he came into power, he cleaned house by removing the high places, smashing the sacred stones and cutting down the asherah poles.

So we are coming into a HEZEKIAH SEASON.  And where we have swung the pendulum to the point that doctrines have been established that have robbed the church of power – God is bringing balance.

And I hear – THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW.  And I see the resistance from those who will not accept that some of the ways that God moved in the past are relevant today.

And I see the word GRACE 3 times.  And I hear that grace, grace, grace is needed to bring the truth into places where there is resistance.

So God is raising up leaders who will speak the truth with the Father’s heart.

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