Don’t Look Back! – 4/14/16

Yes!  You have indeed turned the corner!  So just as in the natural – when you turn a corner, you can no longer see what was behind you and where you have been – the difficult seasons, the people who attempted to pull you off course, the situations that confused you and blurred your vision, those are now ALL out of sight and out of mind!

So, don’t look back.  Don’t run back and try to peek around the corner to remind yourself of where you have come from!  Run with joy towards the goal!

And I see a gigantic blanket being rolled out over this region.  And it is a blanket of peace and calm.  And God says – I’m releasing grace in great measures upon this region.  And this grace will cause the leaders in this region to let their guard down and lay down their shields and swords.  And My love will invade.  And when My love invades, the walls of division will begin to crumble.

So be watchful and prayerful.  Look for opportunities to be a blessing to ministries that are not your own.  One act of selflessness can start a domino effect.  And this is because it is My supernatural grace at work, activated by your obedience and desire to see My purpose fulfilled in your region.

Step out now, says God.

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One Response to Don’t Look Back! – 4/14/16

  1. Teresa says:

    Beautiful! Thank you, Lord!!

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