Oh Captain, My Captain – 02/04/16

I see a person wading deeper and deeper into a pool of water.  And they have no fear of the depths and are thinking to themselves – I don’t care if I walk until the water is over my head and I’m unable to breathe.  I have outgrown the kiddie pool now and am ready to go where I have feared to go in the past.  And I see them throw off their floaties and toss aside their pool toys and rafts and continue to walk deeper and deeper into the water.

And God says – where I am taking you, you can no longer hold onto the things that brought you security and comfort.  You must let go of all safeguards and those things that kept you afloat in the past.  They are all hindrances to what I will do in you next.  Are you completely sold out?  Does your title and affiliation mean more to you than My Kingdom?  For I am calling forth the daring ones and only the courageous and wild at heart will advance.  Only those with a die hard love for Me and what I plan to do will move to the front and be used as I desire to use them.

I see the scene from Dead Poet’s Society (movie) – where the students stand on their desks and proclaim – “Oh Captain, my Captain”.  In that moment, what they stood for meant more than losing everything.

And I see a soldier who is decorated with pins and patches and they begin to rip them off and then stand there without any left on their uniform.  And I hear God say – I have seen your efforts in the past and all that you have sacrificed to carry out My purposes in the previous season of your journey.  But now I will require you to lay it all down – not holding claim to any of your previous accomplishments thus far.  The only title or certification or medal that you will wear is a burning flame in your heart for Me.

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