Rumbling Under the Surface (PR) – 1/15/16

(Released at the Tri-County Prophetic Roundtable in Tulare, CA)

I see the land here in the Valley (Central Valley of CA) – the flat areas and the rolling hills.  And there is a rumbling under the surface and there’s a rolling action in the ground like a pregnant woman’s belly when the baby has grown and is kicking in the womb.

And God says – the ground can no longer hold what is rumbling to be released.  The pressure has built to a level that it cannot be contained.

And I see intercessors walking the ground and their hands are raised to heaven and they’re making declarations and claiming the ground for the Kingdom of God.  And I see warfare in the heavens and I hear a clashing of swords and God says – it is finished.  And now I will release what I have promised to release.  And hell with not prevail.

And you who have been chasers of My glory will chase no more.  You will now be releasers of My glory.  And some have looked at you with disdain and judged you for your zeal that appeared to be an oddity.  But it was never an oddity to Me.  You have been treasured by Me and I have held you close to My heart.  And I have whispered My secrets in your hearing and you will now rejoice to see what I have promised come to fulfillment.

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