A New Breed of Worshipers! – 03/25/14

I see a fire hydrant and the top pops open and water gushes and shoots out the top and straight into the air.  And God says – I’m raising up a generation of worshipers who will burst out with love and excitement for Me.  And do not think that “generation” means the 20 to 30 year olds.  If you are alive today and a new way of worship is stirring in your heart and your spirit, YOU are a part of this generation.

And I see worship schools popping up all over this country.  And God says – you can’t learn to release your heart and passion to Me or to lead others to do the same.  But I have set in place “releasers” who will, like a midwife, help birth what you have carried.  They will offer an environment where you will be free to let go of what burns in you.  And God says – you have stuffed and pushed down.  And the longer you have done this, the greater will be the force of power behind what is released when you are finally free to do what I’ve called you to do.

I’m not calling the greatly gifted and talented.  I’m calling the greatly hungry and desperate for Me, says God.  And the new sound that comes forth will not be pretty and intricate.  It will be a wail and a shout – a cry and a weeping, says God.  And it will stir My heart as never before.  And it will move Me and draw My presence to a place of intimacy with My people that will cause the walls to shake and freedom to break out.  So get ready.  The new sound will come like a roaring lion.

I see a stoplight.  And I see it turn green then red – then green and then red, over and over.  And God says, this was a season of preparing your heart to minister to Me.  In patience and heartbreak, in excitement and disappointment I have formed you, says God.  And because you have continued to love Me and press in further and further, you will now release to Me a praise that comes from a place of purity.  There was no place for ego, self-promotion and entitlement in this calling.  All flesh had to die.  And now you will shine like a diamond.

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2 Responses to A New Breed of Worshipers! – 03/25/14

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this word and it encourages EVERYONE to the place of worship not only the talented singers and musicians. Thanks Vicki!!

  2. Jo Winder says:

    Would love more info on when and where you meet

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